Anxiety Relief

by R.M.

I came to Susanna looking for help with my Anxiety. This was having a severe impact on my life and my day-to-day activities. Working with Susanna was phenomenal from the get-go. From first speaking to Susanna, I knew I would be comfortable working with her, she is so informative, approachable, and put me at ease straight away. At each session I found Susanna to be caring, empathetic and understanding, Susanna’s expertise and professionalism guided me through each session. I felt relief from the very first session. I do not recognise the person I was before I started the sessions, the change in me has been unbelievable. I no longer live each day with fear or worry. I am more confident, happy and care- free. I honestly could not recommend Susanna enough. This has been the best investment I have made in myself and has been life changing for me.

Thank you, Susanna.

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