Non Invasive, Gentle and Effective Therapy

by Fiona

My experience of Havening with Susanna was very positive. It was my first session, so I felt quite nervous about how the sitting would go, but Susanna explained everything clearly beforehand and this reassured me immensely. The method itself was very gentle and I felt very met and held throughout the session with Susanna. I had just recently separated and was experiencing huge feelings of grief, loss and guilt. Susanna guideď me through some big emotional expressions, and although this was emotionally painful, I always felt held, safe and in control. After the session I felt lighter, clearer and no longer 'stuck' in my process. I would attribute this not only to the Havening method, but also to the professional holding Susanna provided before, during and after the session, as this allowed me to let go and still feel safe.

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