Succesfully conquered gambling addiction

by Marcin Tarnopolski



I attended Susanna to get rid of a gambling addiction which consumed my emotions and wasted a lot of time. It also impacted relationships with friends and family. I had previously tried to ban myself from gambling, and tried that a few times but it only ever worked for a short while.
I didn’t know what to expect from hypnotherapy but even after a few minutes I knew I was with the right person. Working with Susanna I found very comforting and I could open up easily. I found her very trustworthy. She knows her stuff and instils confidence.
During the sessions I felt a lot of deep emotions and got rid of old trauma and pain which I could physically feel leaving my body. The experience was intense and I’ll never forget the relief.
I stopped gambling after the first session and never looked back- no set backs. I’ve been feeling on top of the world. My confidence improved greatly, so much so that I was able to avail of new opportunities presenting themselves- changed jobs and am ready to get married next year.
I would highly recommend Susanna for resolving any issues you may have.

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