Famous Hypnotists and Hypnotherapists in Interview

By Susanna Sweeney, MSC, MBACP, CHT

famous hypnotists

Curious about hypnosis? Watch interviews with famous hypnotists and well known hypnotherapists. 

Find out what you can do with hypnosis, what makes them tick and learn what it takes to succeed in the hypnosis world.

I am super excited to share my interviews with famous hypnotists  from all over the world with you.  

I have asked them about their work and passions in the hypnosis field. No better way to get an impression of what you can do and achieve using hypnosis therapy.

Their specializations reach from simple weight loss hypnosis through to hypnosis for sexual problems, hypnosis for cancer patients, working with past and future lives and much more inbetween.

This is a series in progress, so come back to see more in future.

Watch the interviews on video (all are close captioned) or read the interviews in my articles to learn about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, what it takes to succeed in the hypnosis field and what is required to conduct good therapy with clients.

Mike Mandel- Hypnotist in Interview: Therapy, Training and Teddy Bears

World renowned hypnotist and therapist Mike Mandel's fascination with hypnosis started when he was just 12 years old and has sustained a career lasting almost half a century so far, spanning entertainment, therapy and training.

"Your Best Future Doesn't Just Happen- But You Can Consciously Design It"- Future Life Progression Hypnosis- with Anne Jirsch

If you don't want to let the future simply happen but want to prepare for it so you can show up as your best self in the present, Anne Jirsch is the hypnotherapist you are looking for. 

With three books published and trainings held around the world, Anne's popularity is huge, as her high profile clients will testify.

Certified Master Hypnotist Doug O'Brien- Rock'n Roll, Hypnosis, Sleight of Mouth and Slot Machines

NYC based musician and hypnotherapist Doug O'Brien has been training hypnotists and working with clients for over thirty years. He is a master of Ericksonian hypnosis and uses other modalities to help achieve amazing results in client work.

Hypnosis for Sexual Problems- Master Hypnotist Kaz Riley Introduces Sexual Freedom Hypnosis

Master hypnotist Kaz Riley specializes in sexuality and sex therapy. She helps her clients accept themselves and overcome many different types of sexual issues and dysfunctions in her "Sexual Freedom" program. She also trains other therapists in this work.

Steve Miller's Hypnosis Interview- Passion and Conviction

Steve Miller's twenty year hypnosis career has led him to providing the UK's number one online based weight loss hypnosis program Fatnosis. Steve had his own TV show "Fat Families" and is featured in the media and on television regularly.

Master Hypnotists UK- Carol Robertson: The Hypnotic Power of Nature and Animals

Hypnotist and artist Carol Robertson started taking an interest in hypnosis in her youth. Her acute powers of observation combined with masterful use of hypnotic language help her get incredible results with clients, no matter what issue they are bringing.

One of Germany's Top Hypnotists- Olf Stoiber: From Dental Phobia to Hypnotic Mastery

Well established in the German hypnosis field, Olf Stoiber is the founder and chairman of the bigest German hypnosis association. He has appeared on TV and been featured on radio and his booming practice in Munich helps clients solve a vast range of issues.

North London Hypnotist Sara Ellis in Interview- "Stop Overeating When What You Want Is Sex"

North London hypnotist Sara Ellis helps clients with weight loss and a variety of other issues at her Harley Street based clinic. She talked to me about her book: "Stop Overeating When What You Want is Sex".

Hypnosis for Cancer Patients: Gary Coles on Hypno-Oncology

Gary Coles specializes in hypnosis for cancer patients. Working in both hospital settings and private practice, he helps his clients to face medical treatment feeling positive so that they can get the very best from it and heal well.

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