Havening Techniques®- Interviews with the Founding Fathers

By Susanna Sweeney, MSc, MBACP, CHT

Find out what Havening Techniques® are, how they Started and how they can Help you Change your Life

Havening is starting to make waves.

There are many anecdotal reports about how well it works. It's been featured on TV around the world for outstanding results with treating anxiety and fears and phobias. It's even been brought to the United Nations- by world famous hypnotist Paul McKenna.

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Interview Dr. Ronald Ruden

Interview Dr. Steven Ruden


I have asked the founding fathers of Havening Techniques®, Dr. Ronald and Dr. Steven Ruden to talk to me about the fascinating origins of the method, about the Havening organisation, about the dynamics of trauma, their vision for the future and much more. The interviews are available further down on this page and should give you a good introduction to the method.

Meanwhile, let me explain a little more about what sets Havening Techniques® apart from methods like hypnosis, EMDR, EFT and similar treatments. let's start with the basics.

What are Havening Techniques?

Havening Techniques® are a novel so called psychosensory treatment that can affect changes in the brain through the sensory input of touch applied to the upper arms, face, and hands. 

The effects achieved with this simple sounding treatment are rather remarkable. It can stop panic attacks, anxiety, long standing toxic emotions, depression, addictions and much more- and once these symptoms have been removed, it can help you build resilience and hence free you to design the kind of future life that you have always dreamt about but that has always been out of reach. 

One more remarkable thing about Havening Techniques®- the treatment is entirely based on neuroscience which makes it stand apart from virtually every other form of therapy or treatment out there. 

For example, while EMDR (Eye Movement Densensitisation and Reprocessing) is backed by a small body of research in terms of getting results, it was developed by Francine Shapiro after a chance discovery when she found she was feeling better after moving her eyes back and over for some time. in other words, EMDR has been found to work reasonably well for some conditions, but we don't know why it works.

And when you consider other treatments in the same psychosensory category such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or O'Callaghan Techniques, there is no research available at all. Their efficacy is purely anecdotal and nobody knows why or how they actually work.

Hypnosis then has been around for a long time and there are a lot of anecdotal reports on how well it has worked for people for a variety of issues.  In terms of research however I found there is very little available yet on how and why hypnosis works- (for details see my article 'What is Hypnosis') and there is little research on the clinical use of it in different areas like weight loss hypnosis, stop smoking hypnosis and self esteem hypnosis. Again it was a chance discovery originally and was then gradually developed further over time.

How the Havening Techniques were Developed in Contrast

In contrast, the Havening Techniques® were developed by twin brothers Dr. Ronald and Dr. Steven Ruden after years of studying research in the field of neuroscience. They worked their way through many thousands of studies before they got to the bottom of how crucial traumatic memories are encoded in the brain.

haveningDr. Ronald Ruden on the power of Havening Techniques

How the Method can Help you Change your Life

Once they understood what neurochemical phenomena cause traumatic memory to be so different in nature from ordinary memory - namely how it remains in place permanently, is so easily activated even years after the event, and can become overwhelming within seconds of activation- they used their understanding to devise a simple and effective way of removing the emotional charge from the memory. 

Once you undergo this neuroscience based process and the emotions are gone, the traumatic memory becomes like any other memory- you know the event happened but it loses its power over you. And because virtually all mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, fears and phobias, panic attacks, low self esteem and confidence, addictions and many more are caused by underlying trauma, you can resolve these conditions quite easily with Havening Techniques®.

Havening and Scientific Research

In the scheme of things, where the world of scientific research is concerned, the Havening Techniques® have only been around for a short while yet. There is some research underway on the efficacy of the treatment, but it will take a few more years to have a body of research backing up how well it works.

Yet I think you will agree with me that there is a fundamental difference visible here already in the process of how the method came to be with every aspect of it based on neuroscience. The results speak for themselves. In my 25+ years in the healing world I have never seen a more powerful, more effective, and also more gentle change tool.

Interviews with the Founding Fathers of Havening Techniques®

Interview with Dr. Ronald Ruden

Interview with Dr. Steven Ruden

Other Articles About Havening

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This article gives a solid introduction to Havening that I recommend you read first.

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Find out how Self Havening could help you change your life for the better , and learn how to use it the right way so that you can get maximum benefit.

If you could wave a magic wand, what would you change in your life right now? 

Have you had great results with Havening Techniques® that you would like to share with our community?

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