A Hypnosis Trauma Therapist- What to Expect?

By Susanna Sweeney, MSC, MBACP, CHT

Are you looking for a trauma therapist who can help you change your life in a short space of time?

trauma therapist

If you:

  • Are sick of wasting time and money on long drawn out trauma therapies that bring limited results
  • Have been in talk therapy but found it too hard or don't even want to try talk therapy because you feel it's not for you
  • Have tried talk therapy for trauma and found it helpful but ultimately it did not resolve your symptoms (because it can't)
  • Want to work in a content free way that affords you privacy
  • Want a fresh approach that will help you change how you feel and thereby will help you change your life

Hypnotherapy and related short term therapy methods may be just the thing for you.

Over my long years of experience I have come to believe  and see that most people can make substantial changes without:

  • Long term talk therapy for trauma
  • Having to spend/ lose a lot of time
  • Wasting money on trauma therapies that require a long term commitment and ultimately don't resolve your trauma symptoms

trauma therapist

My Journey as a Trauma Therapist

I have been working with a lot of clients in my 25 years in the field. Most were dealing with major trauma such as child abuse, or sexual assault.

I originally trained in sensorimotor psychotherapy which uses cutting edge systems, models and maps specially designed for trauma recovery. Although clients were making a successful recovery, I still found that talk based therapy can be very hard on the client. The slowness of it frustrated me too.

Hence I went looking for other ways of working because I wanted to be able to get better results for my clients. On this journey I broadened my understanding of trauma as well. I now view most mental health issues as being related to some form of underlying trauma.

In latter years, I have replaced pure talk based psychotherapy with much more advanced tools such as hypnosis for trauma, and Havening Techniques. You can find plenty of information about those methods in the section on hypnosis treatment for anxiety and healing with hypnotherapy for mind and body.

Trauma Explained Simply

I now understand trauma much better, too. One useful image for explaining how trauma works is to imagine your mind as a pressure cooker. At the moment, the pressure cooker is only luke warm, and there is some water in the bottom, the everyday content of your life.

Then, life brings you stresses and strains. The heat of life gets turned on underneath that pressure cooker. Inside, incidents like bereavements, surgeries, accidents, painful relationship breakups and also major traumas such as for example witnessing or being subjected to domestic violence, being the victim of crime and so on- all accumulate. 

Steam builds. And eventually, when your mind cannot take any more, the pressure cooker will blow up. 

By now, a critical amount of traumatically encoded memories have accumulated on certain receptors on the lateral surface of the amygdala. These are not necessarily due to life threatening events- they may be, but what also happens is that events we perceive as 'minor' which cause us stress at the time, are also encoded in the same way.

Once the accumulation reaches critical mass and your zone of tolerance for stress is exceeded- that is the moment that you become symptomatic, for example with anxiety.

Sometimes, a major trauma such as a car accident can act as the trigger that makes the pressure cooker blow up. Other times, there isn’t any one trigger but rather, symptoms come on slowly, over time.

Please know that dismantling the effects of trauma, in contrast to popular myth, does not have to take may years or even months. When working with the right methods and with an experienced trauma therapist, typically clients will experience major progress in only a small number of sessions.

trauma therapist

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Underneath, let our community know what you think and if you will be looking for a hypnosis based trauma therapist.



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